New News below… 11-8-2017

I want to add this new feature to our website to update, those of you who read this, with church news.  I also would like to add in some news that may not get reported by our “Main Stream Media.”

First of all, we try to announce the current events in the church on the Facebook page but we will try to place those announcements and more here.

OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD – Has started and collection week is November 13-20 this year.  We have cardboard shoeboxes for you to use or you can get plastic shoe-size boxes to pack.  It is a lot of fun and, when you see the videos of children who receive a box, you will be hooked to do it every year.  has a lot more information and you can go on YouTube to see videos of children receiving a box.  Pack your box and bring it to Praise Chapel during the collection week and we make sure they make it to a shipping location.  Thank you and God bless.

FOOD PANTRY AND WINTER COATS – We have a ministry that not only supplies food for those in need but also we have a supply of winter gear.  If you know of someone in need, please direct them to us.  Just call the church between 8-10 a.m. and someone will be able to connect you to the person in charge.

CHRISTMAS PROGRAM AND DINNER – Before you know it our Christmas Program and Dinner will be here.  It is set for the 10 of December and it is quite the program.  The children put on a great program that will be sure to move you into the Christmas spirit.

KIDS CLUB – Did you know that during the school year we have an after school program for kids on Wednesday afternoon?  Well we do.  There is a bus that brings the kids here and we have snacks, games, and a Bible lesson till 4:45 P.M. every Wednesday.  Currently about 90 to 100 kids enjoy this program.  We cover 4K- Middle School.  At the end of the Kids Club season we have a Carnival for the kids where they spend “kids club dollars” they earn by attendance, memorizing Scriptures, bringing a friend and behavior.  The younger children participate in carnival type games and the older kids have an auction.  All the toys and gifts are brand new – either donated or bought by the kids club program.  We also feed everyone who comes on that day.  Want more information?  Just call us or stop by on Wednesday and see what we do.


SAUDI ARABIA – “DEATH PENALTY FOR BIBLES” – If you want to smuggle Bibles into Saudi Arabia be prepared to give up your life.  And yet, there are millions of Christians in the country.
Read more:

BITCOIN – Ever hear of it?  It the new currency, trying to take over the place of physical money.  Computerized money – Could it be connected to the One World Government coming?  Check it out:

TECHNOLOGY YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF – Here are 10 technology inventions that you probably don’t know about – the news gets so hung up on what the President does and how “bad” things are, they never get to the interesting things…

REMEMBER FUKUSHIMA? – Maybe you don’t but in 2011 Japan was hit with an earthquake and tsunami that resulted in the nuclear reactor there to meltdown.  I found an article written in 2016 to give an update and it’s not much better.

FOLLOW THE MONEY –  Do you know the Federal Reserve is spending trillions of dollars it doesn’t really have?  Oh but it just prints more…  See any problems with that?  You want to read this article:

SURVEILLANCE vs. SECURITY – Someone said, “There will come a time where people will give up their privacy to be more secure.  Can you see it coming?  Just look around in stores or driving down the street – you see cameras just about everywhere you look.  Mostly, they are looking for criminals or illegal activity.  But what if they decide to watch everything?  Cameras already are used when accidents happen, someone loses something, or watching wildlife.  Read about what France is debating:

Robot Granted Citizenship by Saudi Arabia – You read it right – So, a robot female is granted citizenship in a country that does not favor women’s rights.  Just check out the article below for the whole scoop.

REALLY??? – Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…  Marijuana is going to be the downfall of society.  Oh there are the arguments – “It helps me cope.”  “It relieves my pain.”  “It’s not dangerous.”  However, there is enough evidence that it reduces a persons abilities to react, dulls the senses, and it does have medical side effects.
Just check this article and watch the video – it is an actual advertisement for Cannabis.  Strange…