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I want to add this new feature to our website to update, those of you who read this, with church news.  I also would like to add in some news that may not get reported by our “Main Stream Media.”

First of all, we try to announce the current events in the church on the Facebook page but we will try to place those announcements and more here.

READ CAREFULLY: There is a lot of events coming up so here’s the rundown…

WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY – Starting February 19th – “Discerning the Voice of God” by Priscilla Shirer.  Call the church for more information.  Suggested donation is $13 for the book but can be waived.

WOMEN’S RETREAT – April 13 – 14th is a Beth Moore seminar called “Living Proof Live” in Green Bay.  If you’re interested in going call the church or talk to Renee Ison.  The cost is $59 for the tickets.

RESCUE SQUAD FUND RAISER – Saturday, April 13th we are going to have a fund raiser lunch here at the church for the local rescue squad.  They are short on funds and could use a boost.  It will be a spaghetti lunch and all the trimmings for a free will offering.  There will also be a silent auction.

FOOD PANTRY AND WINTER COATS – We have a ministry that not only supplies food for those in need but also we have a supply of winter gear.  If you know of someone in need, please direct them to us.  Just call the church between 8-10 a.m. and someone will be able to connect you to the person in charge.

KIDS CLUB – Did you know that during the school year we have an after school program for kids on Wednesday afternoon?  Well we do.  There is a bus that brings the kids here and we have snacks, games, and a Bible lesson till 4:45 P.M. every Wednesday.  Currently about 90 to 100 kids enjoy this program.  We cover 4K- Middle School.  At the end of the Kids Club season we have a Carnival for the kids where they spend “kids club dollars” they earn by attendance, memorizing Scriptures, bringing a friend and behavior.  The younger children participate in carnival type games and the older kids have an auction.  All the toys and gifts are brand new – either donated or bought by the kids club program.  We also feed everyone who comes on that day.  Want more information?  Just call us or stop by on Wednesday and see what we do.  Kids Club Carnival is on March 2nd – starting at 5 p.m. 
This is the last Kids Club so enjoy and we’ll see you next season…




How Robots & Algorithms Are Taking Over – Did you think this was all science fiction?  Well, think again; it’s reality now.  The leaders of the economy and technology are all telling us that the future is pushing the human race off the track.  More and more jobs that are done by humans are now being done by robots.  Algorithms are the data being collected every time you order something, fill out a survey, write a paper and submit it, etc.  The information is used to teach the technology how to do things better.  Did you know that the average airline pilot is at the helm of the aircraft an average of only 3 minutes per flight?  Xerox uses a computer (algorithms) to hire new people…  Well, here’s more –

WONDERING WHERE HUMANITY IS HEADED?  A man by the name of Yuval Harari has been making quite a splash and he did a presentation at the economic summit in Davos.  Here is the YouTube link:

YES, WE WANT TO HELP – BUT…- As Christians, we want to help people but sometimes what we think is helping is not.  We watched as Syrians exited their war ravaged country and many countries opened up their borders to give them a place to live.  Many are returning because the cultural differences and being away from their real homes are too much for them.

WE DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT BUT… Sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) are on the rise.  And we thought they would just go away with Sex Education in schools…  What is going on?  I have my own thoughts on that.  We have taught our children that they can’t control themselves and it’s okay – just use protection.  How has that been working?  Oh yeah, it’s not working.  We have eliminated God out of the conversation because “that’s like old fashioned.”  “We all know better.”  According to the article that I will post, there are some VERY serious consequences coming.  Maybe we better figure out, we are NOT animals and we can control our urges…




Does the Fossil Record Support Evolution?

Ask evolutionists what they consider to be the single most

important evidence for Darwinism, and you’ll hear them

give many different answers. But the one answer we hear

most often is: “the fossil record.”

Does the fossil record really support evolution? Creationists

know that it actually supports biblical creation! In fact, the fossil record is a

rock-solid testament in stone that billions of creatures all over the world

drowned in the rising waters of the worldwide flood of Noah’s time. Apparently,

Charles Darwin himself realized he was unable to use the fossil record to

support his theory.

On his Evolution: The Grand Experiment DVD, creationist Dr. Carl Werner

interviewed Dr. Andrew Knoll, professor of biology at Harvard University.

Here’s what Dr. Knoll said about Darwin and the fossil record: “Darwin devotes

two chapters of The Origin [of Species] to the fossil record. And you might

think that’s because Darwin, like most of his intellectual descendants, would

have seen the fossil record as the confirmation of his theory…. But, in fact,

when you read The Origin [of Species], it turns out that Darwin’s two chapters

are a carefully worded apology in which he argues that natural selection is

correct despite the fact that the fossils don’t particularly support it.”

While Darwin’s intellectual descendants think that the fossil record is their

friend, in reality, it is one of the most important evidences for biblical creation!

Ref: Evolution: The Grand Experiment DVD, produced by Dr. Carl Werner, 2009 (New Leaf

Publishing Group). Photo: Evolution: The Grand Experiment DVD.

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