Let me introduce you to Praise Chapel Community Church.  We are a non-denominational church that is a Bible believing fellowship.  We have a blended service; meaning we sing both hymns and choruses.  We have a video system that is used to assist in the worship service but I am careful not to overuse it.  I believe that we are in church to worship God not entertain an audience.
We aren’t in church to evaluate hairstyles, clothing styles, or even worship styles – we are to focus on Jesus Christ and how to serve Him.

One of the things that people notice when they come to visit is the friendliness.  The other thing that I hear most frequently is that when I’m preaching  and make reference to a Bible passage, people are turning to the passage in the Bible.

I am very pleased that God is using Praise Chapel to change lives and make a difference in this community.

Everyone is welcome and if you are visiting this area, stop on by…


Pastor Bill Farr